Pilot Services


Our well-qualified pilot-instructors are available for ferry flights, aircraft positioning and assisting the owner-pilot in meeting the commitments of their schedule. We provide pilots and co-pilots who will back you up on long cross-country flights into unknown airports and/or conditions to keep things safe. We instruct while we do this, if you wish.


Our chief pilot Drew Chitiea is an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner within the Denver FSDO and is available by appointment for all fixed-wing flight checks. Any of our staff of experienced pilot-instructors can conduct Flight Reviews, Instrument Proficiency checks, and Recurrency training in either your airplane or one arranged for with our adjacent flight school. Please contact us for information and/or scheduling.


There is so much beyond the point of getting your certificate and/or rating; as  you’ve most likely heard when being handed your certificate “You now have a license to learn.” That’s one of our services – being a mentor to the new [or returning to aviation] pilot so your continuing education is safe, prudent and legal [in that order]. If you have not flown for some time, we will help de-rustify your skills and assist with mental cobweb eradication prior to Flight Reviews, IPC’s, even pre-flightcheck evaluation and sharpening of knowledge and skills. Post-flightcheck, we can fly with you to take you into a higher level of awareness, knowledge & skills for the certificate and/or rating you hold. Knowledge is power; safety is paramount.


Have you purchased an airplane and the insurance company wants you to have “X-number of hours with an authorized instructor”? Contact us for the instructor who can meet and exceed insurance company requirements. We have insurance-company approved Training Course Outlines [TCO] and syllabus’ available to submit to your insurance company for approval. We can accomplish both initial training experience and annual recurrency requirements. We also have relationships with several insurance companies and brokers to assist you getting the best rates possible. One broker with whom we work says “…if you got your training from Drew, then we’ll insure you.” Now THAT says something about our service!

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