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About Colorado Skymaster, LLC

The company was formed in the last century to provide exceptional service and expertise to the General Aviation community. We, the “Skymasters”, are a loose confederation of active and retired military, airline & general aviation pilots [all certificated flight instructors] whose passion is giving back to aviation. We love to train and mentor the ‘Young Skywalkers’ coming up through the ranks and ratings. We will work with the “Old Greybeards” who need some rust polished off and everyone else in-between. Collectively we want to help and assist pilots become the best they can be.

We are not an established ‘flight school’ per sé as we do not have a rental fleet under our wings, but we have close ties with an on-the-field flying school having CE-172’s, CE-182’s and a turbo Seminole [PA-44T] for rent. And, of course, if you provide your own airplane, we can train in that. We do not wish to compete with starving flight instructors working their way up the ladder, but we will accept those pilots who wish to go to a ‘graduate school’ environment and study to achieve a ‘higher altitude’ of awareness, skills & abilities.

Based mid-continent at the Colorado Air & Spaceport [KCFO] seven miles from Denver International Airport [KDEN] and 35 nm from the eastern face of the Rocky Mountains [and the Coors brewery!], we are blessed with over 300 days per year of contact flying [VFR]. Hotels, shopping and entertainment/night life are all short drives from our base with rental cars available at the airfield. Our famous ski resorts are within a few hours’ drive – depending how deep into the mountains and/or how high up the ‘hills’ you wish to venture.

To discuss your specific needs and/or goals, please send an email to us with the title “Specialized Training” and your contact information and we will reach out to you directly.

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