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While not involved in the training for the normal and standard certificates and ratings, ColoradoSkymaster LLC provides advanced instruction for the post-certificate pilot. Much time and effort has been spent to gain the theoretical book-knowledge and minimum aeronautical skills required to pass the exam, but there is a lack of truly realistic operational experience. Course subject matters consist of, but are not limited to:

Private Pilot:

Advanced aerodynamics to include being skilled and at ease during slow flight, maneuvering at minimum controllable airspeed and throughout normal and abnormal stalls and recoveries. Normal, crosswind and out-of-the-ordinary take-offs and landings are practiced so the pilot can land on a dime and get nine-cents change. Operations into and out of high-density airports are introduced and/or made to be our friend.

Instrument Rating:

Like the airlines and military, before one braves the unfriendly skies alone, the neophyte pilot undergoes IOE (Initial Operating Experience) and a LOFT (Line Operating Flight Training) flight. The newly-rated instrument pilot flies an IFR cross-country where multiple approaches in varying environments challenge the pilot to become one with his craft. This program requires overnight stays at distant airports

Multi-engine Rating:

Systems, avionics, operational considerations, performance planning, thinking faster than the airplane flies, adding instrument flying to multi-engine procedures and the dreaded engine-out drills combine to make you a master of your ship….and your destiny.

Commercial Pilot:

Precision flight techniques are taught with emphasis on professional-level headwork and knowledge, systems operation and management, procedural considerations and performance enhancement techniques so the new Commercial Pilot can truly demonstrate professional-level skills, knowledge, awareness and ability.

Airline Transport Pilot:

Usually the pre-requisite to the airline job, we evaluate and improve your combined multi-engine and instrument skills so when you are faced with the 'sim check' part of the airline interview process (where you must fly a 'plane' you've never flown before close to airline standards), you will have a fighting chance.
Soon to come: Practice job interviews with retired airline captains.
Soon to come: Airline Cockpit Resource Management (CRM) sessions.

Tailwheel Ratings:

This is one of the few ratings we train right from the git-go. If you want to learn from an old 'Alaska Bush Pilot' here is where you can come.

Mountain Flying:

Again, something we teach right from the start. You will follow the Colorado Pilot Association syllabus and learn all about high density-altitude, high terrain flying. You will fly into and land at some of the most scenic airports in the nation, including the highest airport in the USA - Leadville, Colorado. Bring your camera, the views can't be beat! An afternoon of ground instruction followed the next day - weather permitting - by some spectacular flying.

Flight Instructor (CFI, CFI-IA, CFI-ME, CFI-Tailwheel, CFI-Aerobatics)

A specialty of our Chief Pilot (who to date enjoys a 100% pass rate for Initial CFI's), we ask you come here with your Knowledge Tests passed. We then can focus on presentation skills, verbal exactness, in-flight demonstration skills and reinforcing any weak areas. When you are done with this course you will be able to say, precisely and concisely, exactly what you mean to say both on the ground and during instructional flight. You'll fly pretty good from the right seat as well!

Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA's) Training:

Just bought a complicated avionics system attached to a new airplane and find the technology…daunting? We'll help you sort it all out so you don't end up flying the avionics and forget about flying the airplane.

For more information, contact:

Drew Chitiea
PO Box 65
Blackhawk, CO 80422-0065